The authors

Riccardo Brunetti, PhD (Rome, Italy, 1976), experimental psychologist and theatre trainer. He teaches Psychology (General, Cognitive, of Art) at the Università Europea di Roma, for which he also runs theatrical activities. He is an expert in Educational and Social Theatre and he is the co-director of the Masters Programme in Social Theatre and Dramatherapy at the “Sapienza” University of Rome. He is a specialist in the use of theatrical tools for intercultural contact. His artistic activities are based on ethnomusicology and electronic music through field studies, seminars, and workshops with children, youngsters, and adults. Following the inspiration of the practical encounter with contemporary theatre research, he leads continuing work on singing, theatre and para-theatre with the group “Amaranta” and with the association “Orma Fluens”, of which he is Vice-President. He is a founding member of the “Sourcing Within Project”, led by Gey Pin Ang, since 2006, who together created the performance “Wandering Birds” in 2011. He is a founding member of INCA, with whom he organises and leads international training projects. Since 2000, he has led ethnomusicological field-research in Italy, Cuba, Bulgaria, Ireland and the USA. His most recent publication is: How and when auditory action effects impair motor performance (with A. D’Ausilio, F.Delogu e M. Olivetti Belardinelli) Experimental Brain Research 2010 ; La musica e i vincoli cognitivi: Quali confini a fruizione e composizione? (with F. Delogu). Vincoli (Sensibilia 2), 2009.

Stefano D'Argenio (Benevento, Italy, 1978), clown, actor and street artist since 1998. He participates in several international festivals with the juggling and physical comedy “Trisciò” with the Oggetti Smarriti Theatre company. In the artistic field he collaborates with different theatre-circus companies and with the brass band Fanfarria Contratiempo, playing the saxophone. In 2005 he moved to Barcelona, Spain where he worked in the Science and Technic Museum of Catalunya as a musicologist, and in 2006 he co-founded INCA Catalunya. As a member of the INCA team and a Salto-Youth trainer, he has carried out, organised and collaborated in around 100 international projects using art and culture for training. He works with children, youngsters, and adults on different social themes through the development of creativity. He leads the international clowning workshops “in viaggio verso il fracasso” and “Emotional Striptease” and he manages a circus marquee in which social projects, events, and artistic residencies take place.

Riccardo Gulletta is Sicilian. Since his youth, he has been interested in the social issues that affect his community and the potential of art as a medium of expression. Once he graduated in philosophy and he moved to Barcelona, Spain. There, he began to come into contact with new realities and started to work in International Development and training. He is an expert in conflict resolution and Peace Education. In his life he has had the luck to meet people crazier than he is, who supported his foolish idea about changing the world through art and education. He travels often, but tries to spend most of his time in his new home in Lisbon, Portugal. 

Emanuele Nargi studied theatre, dance, biomechanics, and various acting techniques (e.g. Grotowski, Barba). He completed his Masters in Performance Making at Goldsmiths, University of London. He graduated in physical and verbal theatre at the Centro Danza M. Testa in Rome (Italy). He also studied Arts and Sciences of Performance at the “Sapienza” University of Rome (Italy). He has worked with several theatre companies and research groups. He has participated in projects in the UK and Europe as an actor, director, and coordinator. He has carried out cultural and artistic projects at a local and international level. He has also held courses about “body and awareness” in mental health departments, hospitals, associations, schools, disability centres, cooperatives, cultural and art centres.
He is now a trainer, organiser, and reviewer for the UK National Agency of the Youth in Action Program / British Council, and he is part of INCA. For INCA, he takes care of the coordination of expert groups and the implementation of training programmes. He collaborates with several organisations to develop community, promote diversity, and equality. He is currently working as a freelancer and with different theatre groups in the UK as an actor and a director.

Claudia Pessina is one of the founding members of INCA Switzerland (active in Losanna, Zurich and Ticino), she has several years of experience as a journalist and communications expert in Switzerland and abroad (El Salvador). She works as trainer and animator with youngsters and teenagers, in different associations and institutions, promoting non-formal education. She is currently working on a project about the use of participatory communication and video as an educational tool.