Partners in the project

INCA Catalunya – International Network for Culture and Arts – was born in Barcelona (Spain) in 2007 based on a meeting of professional artists, social educators and trainers from different countries. The main purpose of the organisation is networking (locally and internationally) to promote individual growth and the development of communities through art and culture. INCA Catalunya’s activities foster dialogue and a culture of peace, social inclusion, anti-discrimination, anti-racism and understanding between different cultures. The methodology is based on non-formal and popular education principles, by means of participatory and experiential processes. INCA works with theatre, (physical, social, performance) clown, circus, animation, dance, music, and digital media. Its activities aim at involving youngsters and adults at risk of social exclusion because of their social, geographical, or political conditions. It also aims to involve trainers and artists willing to enrich their knowledge and to generate new strategies for social intervention.

INTERNATIONAL NETWORK FOR CULTURE AND ARTS - INCA is specialized in the implementation of training courses using theatre and performance as tools for socio-cultural intervention. INCA has developed a vast experience in networking and has carried out activities promoting and fostering social cohesion through culture and arts. Its mission is to gather professionals and organisations using culture and arts to empower groups and communities, integrating the best practices from every point of view. Our objective is to promote diversity and equality for the through education and enhancing awareness via local and international initiatives. INCA is a member of the Anna Lindht Foundation in the UK. Another objective is to encourage experienced youngsters to play a positive role in a changing world with new and growing forms of poverty and exclusion. We promote participation and the enrichment of youth using theatre, arts, and audiovisual techniques based on the methodology of non-formal education.

The cultural association Orma Fluens, has worked in the field of art, education and psychology since 1997. They organize workshops, scholarly seminars, theatrical performances, training courses, and collaborate with several academic institutions in the fields of training and research. Through a dense network of collaborations and working teams, the organisation explores the expressive potential of the performing arts through diverse avenues: from theatre with psychiatric patients, to specific research on the expressive body using new approaches to dance (butoh, contact); and digital technologies to traditional arts. Since 2001, Orma Fluens begun a long-term research collaboration on traditional singing and theatre arts with the group Amaranta, proposing training workshops for artists and creative work exchanges with groups and individuals. Amaranta and Orma Fluens have created several multi-awarded winning performances. From 2009, in collaboration with the “Sapienza” University of Rome, Orma Fluens established the Masters Programme in Social Theatre and Dramatherapy. Orma Fluens is a proud member of INCA’s network, collaborating on many projects since its birth, supporting the creation of bridges between formal and non-formal education.

The informal group INCA CH was established in October 2010 with the goal of gathering young artists and animators and non-professional educators with experience of training and Arts professionals.
The group works with animation tools (clown, juggling, mime, body language), theatre, photography and multimedia. The philosophy of the group is to motivate its members and other youngsters, in particular disadvantaged or people at risk of social exclusion, to develop their skills and to value new opportunities to cooperate through culture, arts, and active participation. The main objectives are to share local and international strategies of intervention and methodologies based on non-formal education and active participation.